Lace Up & Speak Up

Swindon Town Women FC are delighted to be a part of the 2021 Rainbow Laces campaign, visibly showing support for LGBTQ+ people in football.

This year, the campaign is taking place from Thursday 25th November until Sunday 12th December, with Wednesday 8th December named as the landmark ‘Wear Your Rainbow Laces Day’.

Our support for the campaign will be highlighted this coming weekend across our First, Development & U16 matches.


Visibility is important, but it alone is not enough. That’s why the Rainbow Laces campaign is evolving from a symbol of inclusion to one of commitment.  

Countless individuals, grassroots organisation, and sports clubs are already creating space for LGBTQ+ people and offering safety, security, and opportunity for those in our community. But we’re always strongest when we work together and uplift one another. 

So let’s Lace Up and Speak Up. You can help drive meaningful change by starting conversations with those around you, and setting out clear commitments to making sports and fitness more welcoming for LGBTQ+ people. Why not take action today?