Getting To Know Mitchell & Fraser

We caught up with players Sophie Mitchell & Honor Fraser to find out a little bit more about them for #WomensFootballWeekend.

What position for you play for Swindon Town Women?
SM: Striker
HF: Full back

What is your current shirt number?
SM: 9
HF: 2

If we were to ask your team mates for your nickname what would they tell us?
SM: Its a little bit boring but simple, Soph
HF: Hunty

Who are your best friends at the Club?
SM: Hannah P & Briony and I better say Honor
HF: Hannah P & Sophie seeing as she said me

Can you tell us the biggest influences on your career to date?
SM: My old P.E teacher and coach at Thatcham Town where I played youth football
HF: My mum, she has always taken me everywhere whether it be training or matches

You have both only recently joined the club as of the start of the season but do you have a favourite moment to date?
SM: Scoring a free kick in my first game for the club, top bins and against my old team.
HF: Recently I scored my first goal for the club, I am told it was a good strike

If you could meet one person in the world who would it be?
SM: Lucy Bronze or Fran Kirby
HF: David Brent (not Ricky)

If you could only eat one more meal this week what would it be?
SM: Chicken Ceaser Salad
HF: Nando’s

We are in a national lockdown, what is the one go to film you will put on the TV?
SM: Elf, its perfect with Christmas only just around the corner.
HF: Got to be ‘Cool Running’s’ for me

Instagram or Facebook?
SM: Instagram
HF: Instagram

You are having a dinner party and can invite four other people, who are you inviting?
SM: Lewis Capaldi, James Cordon, Nuno Espírito Santos, Connor Coady.
HF: Nick Jonas, Simon Ferry, Dizzee Rascal, Paolo Di Canio

Can you tell us one interesting fact about you?
SM: I have a pair of the smallest ears you will ever find.
HF: I have been a Swindon Town FC season ticket holder since the age of 3